wedding month

haha…been quite a long time since the last time I’ve updated my blog eh huhu.. umm..bosan la tulis lam B.I haha…okeh, lani kita tulis lam loghat utara la, bes sikit.. minggu ni memang agak sibuk sebab ada banyak aktiviti wedding nak kena cover.. baru-baru nie ada wedding kenalan keluarga dkat kuala ketil (kat umah arwah tok wan aku ja) dan dengan terhormatnya aku dah dibagi kepecayaan untuk mendokumentasikan seluruh majlis.. lah peluang nak tunjuk aku leh, apa hasil dia? ni ha..kita preview sikit:

ni lak antara design photobook yang aku da siapkan:

untuk panduan..buku ni ukuran dia 12inci x 24inci nak dekat saiz A3

pada yang berminat skang ni kita ada promosi terhebat!! haha.. pakej dia camni:

1 hari sesi hari bersanding
2 jam++ sesi outdoor
photobook 20 muka surat
gambar unlimited
cd softcopy
free gambar yang da di edit

total: RM900
nak nego? trai la..kot la dapat hadiah misteri..huhu
untuk pertanyaan, hubungi saya di: 0174121781


Sukem 2010 UKM

last two weeks was a very harsh week with many thing to do. There goes SUKEM, one of the most anticipated date I have waited long time every 2 semester. So, there goes again and I am in the softball team representing my college, Keris Mas. we fought our best and we end up earning second place loosing to a respectable lost to a very strong team. I have also been given a task to become the women’s team manager. We lost, but I am satisfied with all pf my players because they are such a dedicated player starting with nothing and without any experience. Done writing, here is some of the pictures taken during SUKEM:

saya amat berbanggan dengan team sofbol di atas..haha

TESL Raya Dinner and portrait picture

last night was a great dinner for teslians community, we have so much fun spending time getting to know each together and there goes many subject for me to take picture and i was very pleased with their great pose and more, the food was okay, and although we didn’t won the table decorating competition but its okay, thanks to ina for all of the equipment she supply..done writing..enjoy the picture:

here is some of great portrait shots

talent: joy and qila

talent: faizal

talent: alin and bella

talent: kak sri

talent: bella and bobo

talent: bella

talent: joy

talent: syaz

talent: yuna

talent: farius

talent: pyan

talent: hasif

talent: elya


HDR for me is one of the nicest technique ever been invented, with the technique a lot of nice and my blowing picture have been produce what is HDR actually? HDR is basically a technique of merging 3 or more image with different exposure in an attempt of making a picture of something different with detail that our naked eye cannot see.. here is some of the picture that i have made long time a go when i first learned the technique:

and this is a fake HDR haha

will update soon with new HDR pic..

big change!!

soon i will recalibrate my blog content so wait for future updates!!