special post for my TESL friends

friends for me are special, life without friends is somehow living without soul, without friends, we have no place to share happiness or when it come to bad time, sadness.. I admit that life without friends will drive me crazy.. to everyone, thanks for being my friend, thanks for the laughter, thanks for everything.. I am really sorry if i hurt you all and if i do so, i didn’t meant it at all…TESLIANZ!! u rock!! and we will always be..

here is some of the picture I took for my class photo session:

good luck for final exam 🙂

p/s: see that cute little camera? haha..his name is Derzebber, our new logo


night view at ukm: part 1

UKM is somehow unique to me. The building  architecture around UKM  is somehow different to other building at that I have seen and it somehow come with its own story to tell… living in UKM makes me feel like living in gigantic garden with lots of historical building around..when night falls in, the buildings are just great and pleasant to the should be such a joy to capture the moment.. i have been planning to do this since god knows when, and today (actually just now) i’ve made it very first collection of UKM at night..this is my first batch, let see if I have another time to capture the moment..haha…enjoy the photos!! :

close up view

front view of DECTAR

the side view of the hall

UKM main entrance

road, straight from the main entrance

i do really like night photos..what do you think? 🙂


so, i am quite stressed out right now, exam is tomorrow and many things are at stakes.. so, what is better than posting awesome pictures to be shared instead.. so what do we have here? today, i am going to show some of my friends work of out when i left them playing with derzebber.. who is derzebber? haha, that is the name for my camera.. so cut story shot, here is some of the picture that really gave me the “wow that is awesome” in my head all over again..haha..guys sure do i am proud of you 🙂

this picture was taken by the dude below here 🙂

two of this picture was taken by me 🙂

this is my favourite.. the title is: meet your grandfather the awesome rockstar.. haha sensible
this grandfartherly rock star picture was taken by the dude in the first picture.. i guess..haha

so how to get picture like this? simple, correct me if I am wrong, the name of the technique is CLS technique which mean, we use a separate flash unit off from the camera and put the flash at a certain place for a special effect lighting.. so what if you give a try? buy a flash light with a slave mode and be creative with it, you wont need an expensive camera, some creativity will do..haha…till then, babai!!

Random shots!!

so what do we have here? oh yeah its a random shots taken since i don’t know when..haha..owhoh, it is time for final exam so i guess wish that everyone will do their best..good luck peeps!!

shots taken at malacca (aint she gorgeous? haha)

same place somewhere around garden at malacca

just natural

just us 🙂



happy birthday mr redza and yay!! its prank time!! last night was awesome!! and it is nasty with all the special remedy we poured to him, bet you have so much fun eh reza…, what happen that night ?? follow the story above:

luke is preparing his evil plan

here is our invited special chef with all of his evil remedy

result? = unpleasant+nasty+disturbing..haha

board director of the evil plan

the victim was caught

unexpectedly, he ran away!

just to make sure he didn’t ran away

preparing all the stuff needed

a little dose of sweet fragrance

added with a mixture of soap+!@$#@!+#@#!$#!

now the topping is almost ready, we added some of flour to make the texture even better

add an egg with handful of love

oh yeah…the syrup is sure the best out of all..secret ingredient!!


you’ll never walk alone..haha

happy birthday!! may you be blessed with happiness all the time..



eh..malaih la plak nak speaking arini..haha…final da nak dekat..cepat betoi la plak trasa…tup tap da nak abis sem nie..smalam agak bosan dan bagi menghilangkan kebosanan dengan serta merta aku telah menyusahkan kawan2 aku dengan sesi photoshoot dekat dalam bilik sambil bermain-main dengan lampu flash..(bila lagi nak praktis) haha.. sbelum tu.. aku da modified sikit built in flash kat kamera aku..aku pasang d.i.y diffuser, buat sniri sudah..pasepa diffuser? lampu direct dari built in flash kasaq sangat..haa..mana bleh tahan..ha ni gambaq diffuser yang aku buat sniri:

camna nak buat benda tu? haha..cari ja bekas plastik filem kodak pas tu kerat2 ikut saiz yang sesuai and settle..masalah overexpose pon selesai..trai jgan x trai..

so rini kita main teknik shadow2..haha…camna nak set? letak ja flash kat angle mengadap tepi muka..jangan letak dekat sangat lak..buta plak kawan kita ha hasil strobe2 aku malam semalam..enjoy:

camna nak bagi background tu x terang sangat? snang ja..kurangkan la setting exposure kat kamera tu eh..lagi satu..setting flash dkat speedlight jgn kuat sangat 1/2, 1/4 atau 1/8 da kira oke da tu..haha okeh..babai..

important notice!! :

looking at a very bright overexposed photos? well that is not my style..blame your screen..look for a proper screen calibration then u can see what I see..

try this link to learn how to get right colour calibration for you screen

Late update: hunt for great photos, location: PD

last week, i and my friends went to Port Dickson for a holiday..let us just call this a picnic..we arrive a bit late there at about 5 p.m.. to cut story short, iI have run several mini photoshoot and wallah, all of my subjects are acting just nice..thanks to hasif,reza,pyan,aiman,wakbe and wan for such a nice day..done writing here is some of the picture caught in action :