happy birthday mr redza and yay!! its prank time!! last night was awesome!! and it is nasty with all the special remedy we poured to him, bet you have so much fun eh reza…, what happen that night ?? follow the story above:

luke is preparing his evil plan

here is our invited special chef with all of his evil remedy

result? = unpleasant+nasty+disturbing..haha

board director of the evil plan

the victim was caught

unexpectedly, he ran away!

just to make sure he didn’t ran away

preparing all the stuff needed

a little dose of sweet fragrance

added with a mixture of soap+!@$#@!+#@#!$#!

now the topping is almost ready, we added some of flour to make the texture even better

add an egg with handful of love

oh yeah…the syrup is sure the best out of all..secret ingredient!!


you’ll never walk alone..haha

happy birthday!! may you be blessed with happiness all the time..



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